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Our speciality:

The remote and adventurous heart of the Pamirs with a lot of traditional culture (must-see!):

Bartang Valley


The description of the following regions will be added soon:


Turquoise lake shrouded in legends and featuring the highest natural dam of the world:

Sarez Lake


Along the "iron curtain" on historical roads:

Panj Valley and its smaller side valleys


The Garden Eden of the Pamirs:

Vanj Valley



Yazgulam Valley


Lively student town and inevitable travel hub:




Ghunt Valley and Yashilkul-region


Badakhshan's last forests, picturesque little lakes and gifted poets:

Shokhdara Valley


Fatima's emeral-green bath tub and historical traces on every footstep:

Wakhan Corridor


Glaciers, meteorite craters, enigmatic geoglyphs and Marco-Polo-Sheep:



Meeting the tough Pamir Kyrgyz people in a truely epic landscape:

Murghab and the Eastern Pamirs