Interpreter Service and Research Assistance

You are about to conduct scholarly field research in Tajikistan, as part of a research institute, an NGO or as private researcher? Then feel free to contact us, as we do not only guide tours but also offer our services as interpreters and research assistants.

We have experience in the Humanities, for example in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, as well as in Sciences such as Biology and the intersection of Physical and Human Geography.

We can do simultaneous interpretation for you during interviews, help you in preparing questionnaires in the local languages, conduct surveys and polls, do archival research, establish contact to informants, advise you regarding the practical feasibility of your research design, make logistical arrangements and much more.

We can translate to English, Tajik, Russian and the Pamiri languages of the Shughni-Rushani-group. You can hire us to assist you in the Pamirs but also in any other parts of Tajikistan.

Please contact us to discuss the possibility for a future cooperation. Click here.