Alpinism Assistance

Pik Ismoil Somoni (the former Pik Communism), Pik Independence (former Pik Revolution), Pik Abuali Ibni Sino (former Pik Lenin), Pik Patkhor, Pik Korshenevskaya, Pik Marx, Pik Engels: these are just the most magical names of the 7000er and 6000er Pamir peaks, which have once been the favourite playground for Soviet and Eastern European Mountaineers.


However, there are many more five- and sixthousanders that are much less known, though no less spectacular - for example Labnazar (5595 m), the attractive mountain on top of this page. Other summits, despite their beauty, do not even bear a name, and most of them might not have been climbed by humans at all yet. A paradise for mountaineering pioneers who do not like if other mountaineers step on their foot at Mount Everest ;-)


We admit that we do not have the experience and equipment to guide you to the absolute top of the highest summits (not yet!). However we can provide you with different kinds of logistical support for you expedition, till to your base camp. We can:

  • organize your travels from Dushanbe till to the last village
  • do some acclimatisation trekkings with you at lower altitudes
  • guide and organize your ascent to the base camp
  • provide you with donkeys to carry your equipment to the basecamp
  • help you with shopping groceries or do it for you in the markets of Dushanbe or Khorog
  • help you running your basecamp and stay in touch with you via satellite phone (if you have one) during your attempt to reach the summit
  • organize some relaxing program after your success (for example by bringing you to beautiful hotsprings)

Please contact us for further information. Use the form here.