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    Tim Fulcher (Sunday, 08 February 2015 19:21)

    I spent 3 weeks travelling around the Pamirs in August and September 2014. Usually, I don't use a guide for a whole trip, but decided that this was the best option in order to make the best use of my time. Some research on the internet lead me to Ibex Pamir Tourism via which is a great website full of useful information. My initial emails were met with very prompt, enthuastic and insightful replies which is always a good sign and an itinerary was developed based on what I wanted to see and do. Many thanks Lola for being so patient with me! This is an important advantage compared to other companies who may only have fixed itineraries and departures and none of them really fitted my plans. There are too many amazing experiences to describe here, but the stunning and dramatic Bartang Valley is definitely a place I will never forget. It's a very harsh environment to live in, but the people of the Bartang are extraordinarily friendly, hospitable and generous. The 4 day trek in the Khafraz Valley was also a major highlight with it's turquoise lakes, glaciers, snowcapped peaks and blue skies. The only regret I have is not having more time to explore the area. I also attended a wedding in the village of Khuf and Lola and Avaz soon amended the itinerary to 'create' a couple of extra days. The wedding celebrations were extraordinarily joyous and colourful and the hospitality of the people was really quite overwhelming. The last few days were spent travelling to and along the Wakhan Valley which has some fantastic panoramic mountain scenery. A final mention must go to the groups of shepherds I met in various locations, particularly those in the Khafraz Valley who killed a lamb because I was their guest. It was a humbling experience to meet them all.
    The journey would not have been possible without the knowledge and expertise of Avaz my guide (and now friend!). He definitely made the trip a great success and opened doors that would not have opened if I was an independent traveller, so I would thoroughly recommend his services. He originates from the village of Savnob in the Bartang, and it's always good to travel with a local! Nodal the driver was also excellent i.e. not too fast and very safe and stopped for pictures whenever I requested, so we stopped alot! So, if you are thinking about travelling to The Pamirs, then look no further than Ibex Pamir Tourism. You wil not be disappointed.

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    EIJI SEGAWA (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 08:29)

    I visited Pamirs and Wakhan Corridor June of 2014 with the support of Ibex Pamir Tour.

    My itinerary is as bellow.
    4 June: Going from Dushanbe to Khorog where is a entrance to Pamir Highland. It took around 12 hours by shared taxi. Staying at B&B in Khorog.
    5 June: Taking rest and sight-seeing in Khorog. Staying at B&B in Khorog.
    6 June: Going from Khorog to Bulunkul where is in Pamir Highland. Staying in Bulunkul.
    7 June: Going from Bulunkul to Lyangar via Lake Yashikul. Staying in Lyangar where is in Wakhan Corridor.
    8 June: Going from Lyangar to Vill. Yamchun where is a center of Wakhan Corridor.
    9 June: Going back from Vill. Yamchun to Khorog.
    10 June: Going back from Khorog to Dushanb.

    Before going to Pamir, I got estimates from 3 travel agencts. One is in Japan, my country, and next is in Toshikent and the last is Ibex Pamir Tourism.
    The last is the cheapest and it's correspondence is so kind and quick. Thanks Lola!!

    The guide, Avaz, has enough knowledge about Pamir and Wakhan but I recomend him because of his good personality.